I'm Eva Sita.

*Akwaba means welcome in some West-Africans Akan dialects, it is a declaration of hospitality. 

Who is Eva Sita ? 

Eva Sita really discovered music in 2004 as she moved to Paris as a war refugee. She started producing beats for fun and never though that she would be making a living through music someday. Indeed she struggled a lot with self-confidence, abuse, post traumatic symptoms and depression. She couldn’t picture herself under the spotlight back then so she pursued literary studies and signed up for college in Paris.


After a traumatic family event, Eva dropped out of College and left Paris. Going back to Abidjan, she decided to give music a chance. She quickly got discovered and featured in several west african media outlets (magazines, radio show and TV ) 


Classically trained in the Piano and the Kora (a traditional African string instrument), Eva decided to take her musical career further and auditioned for the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Through her acceptance she became the first Ivorian female student in Berklee’s history. 


Since then, Eva has pursued her studies and received the First award of her career, and performed in Latin America, Europe, Africa and all over the US.


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Join Eva Sita’s adventures and become part of the family!

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